The Roland DGA Warranty programs are the best in the industry.
Most Roland devices are supplied with a one year standard manufacturer’s warranty, but our goal is to keep your machine in the best possible condition so it will perform as designed so that you can continue to generate revenue. The warranty covers items that are broken and need to be fixed. The maintenance strictly maintains the machine to extend the life of the parts.

now the main thing Maintenance !!!

One of the most important things that you can do for a printer is keep it well maintained. We will place your machine on a schedule that will best fit your production needs.

The Maintenance includes:
The following parts on each visit except where noted will be replaced each visit.
 Wipers
 Mist Filter
 Contour cut blade
 Sheet cut blade
 Cutter protection strip (once a year)
 Captops (every 6 months)


The following adjustments will be made according to Roland Warranty Service Procedures. Other adjustments will be made based upon the results of tests performed on site by the field service technician.

 Update your Versaworks RIP software to the latest version
 Update your Firmware to the latest version
 Perform Head alignment
 Perform wire tension and adjust belt tension
 Perform print & cut adjustments
 Perform a head cleaning to determine nozzle condition
 Perform Limit initialize to verify proper docking
 Clean the Linear encoder strip as needed
 Perform linear calibration
 Perform feed calibration
 Print a test file to ensure printer is performing correctly

 Clean the cap station, wiper assembly and surrounding areas
 Clean the physical areas surrounding the print head
 Clean the grit shaft and pinch wheels to ensure accurate tracking

Peace of Mind:
Technician will be on-site to clean, maintain and
update your printer, review new features in the software and/or answer new employee questions.

You will be given a copy of your pek report you can make an informed decision regarding worn parts that may need to be replaced. 

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